Rolles Gracie: Learn an armbar against a stacking opponent

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Renzo Gracie Online Academy is your BJJ calendar. Every Sunday, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert Renzo Gracie delivers an organized training schedule for the upcoming days.

  1. Eleven closed guard attacks
  2. How to break grips
  3. Time management tips
Class 1 — Shoulder-locked armlock

Renzo Gracie teaches how to lock your opponent’s shoulder so that you can apply the armlock with more precision.

Class 2 — Surprise armlock

Closed guard expert Rolles Gracie takes the baton with Renzo and starts delivering right away. Above he shows how to surprise your enemy by attacking the opposite arm.

Class 3 — Armlock when stacked

Stacking is a widespread and effective way to defend against the armlock. Rolles offers a way to extend your opponent’s arm no matter what.

Class 4 — Omoplata

If your training partner tries to seize your sleeve to open your guard, it’s omoplata time. Pay attention for Rolles’ class about one of the most creative BJJ attacks.

Class 5 — Armlock from omoplata

Once the omoplata is locked in place, one common defense will expose your opponent’s arm. Rolles Gracie shows how to take advantage of this situation to apply a tight armlock.

Class 6 — Belly-down armlock

It’s annoying when your opponent is just trying to stall and so they control your hips with their elbows. Still, you can move your hips without escaping them and then isolate an arm. Once you set this up, it’s an opportunity for a belly-down armlock. Watch this class and learn.

Class 7 — Triangle

One of the most feared submission holds, the triangle is not easy to set. Learn from Rolles Gracie that the way and the angle you move (circle) one of your legs is the key to unleash this attack.

Class 8 — Time management

In our lifestyle class of the week, scientist and BJJ black-belt Bruno Fernandes approaches lack of time, one of the major problems of our lives. And what’s the Jiu-Jitsu solution for such a puzzle?

Class 9 — Throwing over sweep

You isolate your opponent’s arm, and they stand up. Time for the only sweep of this week, the infamous throwing over. You will finally learn, from Rolles Gracie, how to apply it.

Class 10 — Throwing over armlock

Once you have the previous class’ sweep down pat, it’s time to learn from Rolles one of the most beautiful and classic BJJ moves, the throwing over armlock.

Class 11 — Cross-collar choke

Cross Collar choke with Rolles Gracie at the Renzo Gracie Online Academy

Wherein Rolles teaches you the ins and outs of the choke, even when your opponent’s posture is good.

Class 12 — Choke variation plus back-take

Rolles Gracie finishes the week with a bang, a choke variation you can apply when your partner defends against the first attempt with the most usual defense. Or go for a back-take, if you prefer or need to.

Class 13 — Breaking the grips

Takedowns. To succeed in taking your enemy to the ground, you must have the best grips. And, whenever needed, you must break your opponent’s grips. To teach you, we invited three-time U.S. national judo champion Garry St. Leger, who happens to be one of Renzo Gracie’s BJJ black-belts.

To give you a taste of the following week, starting November 26, a glimpse of guard retention with Renzo and Gregor Gracie. Plus Bruno talks about budgeting, and Garry applies a solid osoto gari.

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