Tip from police officer at Bitteti Combat Rocinha

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Police officer Eduardo Herdy lands a strike at Bitetti Combat 10: he'll be entering his second MMA fight. Photo: Carlos Ozório/ GRACIEMAG.com.

An instructor at elite Brazilian police division CORE and a student of Professor Osiris Maia, Rio de Janeiro native Eduardo Herdy will enter his second outing in MMA on the 4th of May. This time the Jiu-Jitsu black belt will face Ronaldo Arada Milan in the Bitetti Combat Rocinha cage.

“I expect to go in there and win. I take this pre-fight stage very seriously, and the final outcome will be a result of that. I’ve learned that the fight begins well before the event. Dedication, abdication and overcoming hurdles are the ingredients. If I offered myself for the fight, you can be sure I’ll go in there well prepared,” said the police officer.

Having knocked out Fabio Nativo at Bitetti Combat 10, Herdy (undefeated in amateur boxing) now wants to show the crowd his MMA-geared Jiu-Jitsu.

“I’ve always been a fan of the submission-oriented and impassable guard of my teammate at Brazilian Fight team Antônio “Canudo” Sergio. I look for inspiration in him, and I’m ready to show my ground game too,” stated Herdy.


To the black belt one of his strengths in Jiu-Jitsu is his having managed to find where his game is best and not neglect the other aspects.

“I recommend Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters really work on passing guard, and to do so it’s really important that you have strong hips and legs; that really helps. My tip is to train, train a lot, and that way you’ll find where your game is strongest without neglecting the other fundamentals. I must stress that, even at black belt, you have to always look to evolve that much more,” he taught.

Besides Herdy’s match-up, the Bitetti Combat Rocinha card boasts an under-70 kg GP where the winner will have to fight thrice on a single night, like in the old days. In the running for the Grand Prix title are aces of the caliber of Mauricio Reis (BTT), Julio César Field (RFT) and Bruno Caveira (Minotauro Team), as well as Ceará State native Andrezinho Nogueira (Fighter Sport) and Argentina’s Luciano Izzy (Brazilian Fight), among others.

The tournament is set for May 4 at the Complexo Esportivo da Rocinha, and is an invitation-only event.

Complexo Esportivo da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 4, 2012

GP 70kg
Andrew Tigrão (Nova União) vs Mauricio Reis (BTT)
Julio César Field (RFT) vs Sergio Soares (Ryan Gracie)
Luciano Izzy (Brazilian Fight) vs Gilmar Manaus (Paraná Fight Team)
Andrezinho Nogueira (Fighter Sport/MG Jiu-Jitsu) vs Bruno Caveira (Minotauro Team)

Reserve bout
Eduardo Herdy (Brazilian Fight) vs Ronaldo Arada Milan (Paraná Fight Team)

Preliminary fights
Diego de Souza (Parque Esportivo) vs Leleo (TFT-Rocinha)
Pelézinho (BTT) vs Sandro Gemak de Souza (CMMT)

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