Think your life’s rough?

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Watch this video, stop whining, and get out there and fight!

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  1. xel at 2:01 pm

    It’s a bunch of motivational BS that simply cannot work without the proper opportunities laid down before you. The man in the above video received attention because he was extraordinary. No arms, no legs. Pretty remarkable, right? He then found a way to live a mostly normal life. What of the everyday Joe or Jane who is NOT extraordinary and does not receive attention or assistance through life? This man is the exception, not the rule.

    Being hard on someone and blaming them for the shape of their life is the worst possible thing you could do to someone. It’s delusional optimism that will set people up into thinking that they’ll achieve something someday. The ugly truth is that only the lucky and rich are ever really granted the chance to live a dream. Accept that and lower your standards, and you’ll get by.

    The guy’s got a great message but it doesn’t reflect reality.

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