The Opponent Defended your Spider Guard? Sink a Triangle!

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Spider guard at 2009 Reis do Tatame event in Piauí (FEJJEPI publicity photo)

Imagine you’re fighting with your back on the mat. You’ve already got your feet on the opponent’s biceps and your grips sunk just right on his sleeves and are poised to attack from spider guard. That’s when your clever opponent breaks free and presses your leg to the ground. What do you do now?

If you’re tuned in to, just keep cool – and set up a final surprise attack.

As taught by Eduardo Portilho, otherwise known as Barney, all you have to do is keep calm, pull the opponent’s arm at the elbow and slip your hip out to sink a triangle.

Check out the position in the following video, and put it to memory to use in training.

Like that? Any questions regarding the position? Just ask!

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