The Jiu-Jitsu and MMA world’s most impactful statements of the week

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Thiago Silva finaliza o ate entao invicto Nedkov no UFC Macau Foto UFC

Thiago Silva submits till-then-unbeaten Nedkov at UFC Macau. Photo by Josh Hedges/UFC publicity


“I saw his [Nedkov’s] face. His expression changed. So I decided to try and take him down. I took the right opportunity. He hits hard; but I never quit.”

Thiago Silva, after tapping out Stanislav Nedkov and winning Submission of the Night Bonus at UFC Macau


I like testing my Jiu-Jitsu under all rules—No-Gi; ADCC; no points, like at Metamoris… Everyone’s always asking me when I’m going to quit, so I’ll put this challenge out there: when someone passes my guard, then I’ll quit (laughs).”

Xande Ribeiro, half serious, half joking, after winning two gold medals at the 2012 No-Gi Worlds


“To me Leandro Lo is still the number one lightweight in the world. I feel his game is heavily dependent on [gi] grips; that’s why I managed to beat him.”

Augusto Tanquinho, after routing Leandro Lo 9-0 in the No-Gi Worlds semifinal


“It’s great to compete without stopping to look at the scoreboard. That’s the idea behind Jiu-Jitsu—to think only about making the opponent quit, to tap him out. I hate competing against those guys who go in there to win by advantages, or hang on to one position just so they can sweep at the end. That makes for ugly Jiu-Jitsu.”

Marcus Bochecha


“Strikeforce, which airs on Showtime, will be running its last event in January before folding up shop for good.”

Report on TMZ Sports website, regarding Ronda Rousey’s arrival at the UFC and the end of the event that put her in the limelight


“And I’ve even got Wanderlei Silva on my team? Look, I may not win it, but it will be the funniest TUF ever!”

Fabricio Werdum, after being confirmed as coach on TUF Brazil opposite Rodrigo Minotauro

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