The first words to echo from Nottingham

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Rafa doesn't just want the title, he wants to be on the cover of GRACIEMAG! Photo: John Lamonica.

After Bráulio Estima won the supermatch against Ronaldo Jacaré at the ADCC this Saturday, Sunday in Nottingham began with the semifinals and finals of the weight divisions and, as the results began pouring in, the first statements from the victors and the defeated were made. @graciemag_br and @graciemag were tuned in to it all while doing coverage on Twitter:

Rafael Mendes made it to his second-straight title, again ending with a final against Rubens Cobrinha. “It’s the happiest day of my life! Won’t you do me the pleasure of one day putting me on the cover of GRACIE? I want to frame it for my kid!” joked the black belt who this year also captured the World Championship.

André Galvão had been chasing the title for the previous installments of the event. This time around, the final against Toquinho was literally a heated affair. “I think Toquinho is doing too much MMA. He hit me on the back of the head a number of times and I saw stars,” said Galvão. “I already knew my Jiu-Jitsu is better than his,” he added, finally able to celebrate winning gold at the ADCC.

Kyra Gracie was riding a string of defeats in competition, even to Michelle Nicolini, her opponent in the final in England. “I was born competing and I’ll die competing!” she said.

After winning everything there is to win in 2011 – the Worlds, Pan, World Pro – Rodolfo Vieira was stopped by Dean Lister, the winner of the under 99kg division. Rodolfo’s only two losses came without the gi, the other time to Rafael Lovato. “You can’t be the best at everything (Gi and No-Gi). I’ll be back in 2013,” he warned.

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ADCC 2011 champions


66kg: Rafael Mendes
77kg: Marcelinho Garcia
88kg: André Galvão
99kg: Dean Lister
+99kg: Vinny Pezão
Absoluto: André Galvão


-60kg: Kyra Gracie
+60kg: Gabi Garcia


Bráulio Estima defeated Ronaldo Jacaré


Zá Mário defeated Renzo Gracie

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