Spider’s manager responds to Sonnen

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Could Silva use this move in the fight? Photo: Josh Hedges

This coming August 7 at UFC 117 Anderson Silva will again defend his middleweight belt. This time around his challenger is Chael Sonnen, who, as usual, spares no harsh words in addressing his opponent. GRACIEMAG.com has spoken with “The Spider” about it in the past, but Anderson prefers to keep quiet. The one doing the responding to Sonnen is the current champion’s manager, Ed Soares.

“Before he started talking about Anderson, no one paid any attention to Chael. Now that he’s talking about Anderson, people have started paying attention to him. God bless him. Good, keep talking,” Soares told MMAJunkie.com.

“A lot of people talk about Anderson Silva. A lot of people talk about what they’re going to do to him. It’s not the first time and I’ll bet it won’t be the last. That’s great. Before the fight, everyone has a mouth and can say what they want. But for some strange reason, when the octagon door closes, and they’re standing across from Anderson, everything they say goes out the door,” he says.

The rivalry is in place. Now all that’s left to do is wait and see who’s right, Sonnen or Soares.

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