Royce Gracie compares Ronda Rousey to Kyra Gracie

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Kyra Gracie

UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey is currently the biggest star in WMMA. Her armbar finishes are some of the reasons why she is popularly looked at as the best female mixed martial artist in the world.

But in a recent interview with, UFC legend Royce Gracie recognized the star power of the octagon’s bombshell, but said that his niece, Kyra Gracie, would be the better grappler if she ever entered the UFC.

“She has more submissions, is more used to competition,” Royce said of Kyra. “[Ronda Rousey] is good, she knows what she’s doing, [but] Kyra’s jiu-jitsu is better, with a gi or in MMA.”

If ever given the opportunity to compete in the octagon, Royce said Kyra would bring “the whole package.” The talent to take on the likes of Rousey and all the other female bantamweights on the UFC’s roster is there, according to Royce.

“Kyra has talent, is tough, she only needs the discipline to train [MMA],” he said. “It’s always a pleasure to watch a Gracie winning. We were born fighting. She has the whole package.”

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