Rousimar Palhares Responds to Failed Drugs Test: ‘I Never Meant to Cheat’

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Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

After we reported here on that Rousimar Palhares had been flagged for elevated testosterone after his fight at UFC on FX 6, the athlete addressed the issue publicly by way of a press release.

“I’ve always been very careful about my diet and concerned about not ever using anything that could harm my body or my performance in the octagon. And this time was no different,” he said. “I never meant to cheat. I’ve had nearly 30 fights in my career, a good portion of them in the UFC. I’ve been through numerous surprise tests, and nothing’s ever gone wrong. Furthermore, I knew I was going to be subjected to testing after fighting in Australia because that’s the standard in the UFC. I have a clear conscience but accept the punishment. The rules exist for everyone to follow.”

Another to weigh in on the case was the fighter’s master, Murilo Bustamante. The head of Brazilian Top Team feels his student never meant to break the UFC’s rules but did make sure to admonish his disciple.

“Rousimar is one of the most disciplined guys when it comes to diet, physical conditioning and anything involving his profession there is,” Bustamante said. “But if he got flagged for something, it’s because he got sloppy at some point. So this case has to serve as an example to all other fighters. Everyone has to be double careful about what they put in their bodies. The testing is becoming more and more rigorous, and that’s why everyone has to be more and more careful about the food they eat and supplements they take.”

Toquinho will have to go nine months without fighting. The suspension imposed by the UFC is retroactive dating from Dec. 14, and the fighter will only be allowed to fight again once further testing comes back clean after his suspension is up.

Joey Beltran also had a positive test following UFC on FX 6. The Team Alliance fighter’s results showed traces of nandrolone, and he, like Palhares, will serve a nine-month suspension retroactive to Dec. 14.

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