Rodolfo Vieira: ‘I’ll be one of the first to be tested, I’m clean’

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World champion Rodolfo Vieira is in Australia for a series of seminars in the company of GF Team leader, professor Julio Cesar. Across the world, the heavyweight knew about another tough fight he will face.

Humorous, Rodolfo talked about the Copa Podio duel against Ricardo Abreu, Demente, on May 1st, at Hebraica, in Rio de Janeiro:

“I think Jeferson [Maycá, Copa Podio creator and organizer] screwed me up with this fight (laughs)! The only advantage I have over Demente is that I’ve been fighting with the gi more than him. Lately, he was more focused on MMA”.

After the joke, Rodolfo analyzed the opponent: “He is a great athlete and a great person, my friend. I’m sure we’ll make a great fight for Copa Podio audience.”

Besides Copa Podio, where he also faces Leo Nogueira in the triple GFTeam vs. Alliance challenge, Rodolfo is getting ready for the major IBJJF championships.

He did not confirm his presence in Pan at the end of the month, but he will be in the world championship in the last days of May and early June. The double heavyweight world champion did not omit his opinion about drug testing:

“It’s a great IBJJF initiative, although we still have doubts if it will really happen. But if it does, I know I’ll be one of the first to be tested. I’m clean and I will prove it to everybody. They can test me whenever they want, before, during or after the World Championship, which is the most important tournament of the year.”

To finish, he had to ask about the other great name of Jiu-Jitsu today, Marcus Almeida, Bochecha. Rodolfo is eager to meet his rival (and friend) once again. He commented on the duel between Bochecha and Roger Gracie from late 2012, and told us what he expects in a new meeting with the absolute world champion:

“Yes, I saw the fight, and what a fight! I think that better than that one with Roger, only our fight in the quarterfinals of the absolute in the 2012 World Championship. Our fights will always be like that, great to watch, because he is a guy who plays forward, without fears, and he has a great heart. And I’m the same! I hope this time we do a fight equal or better than the last one. And preferably I will be the champion”.

And you, reader? Are you ready for another Rodolfo vs Bochecha episode, in the World Championship or even before in Abu Dhabi this Apil? And what about Copa Podio? Will Demente stop the champ?


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