Renzo Gracie’s guillotine secret unveiled

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In this exclusive video series, Renzo Gracie remembers Pride 1 and explains how he developed his guillotine choke.

Luca Atalla

Tokyo Dome, Japan, October 11th, 1997 – Despite over 40,000 people in attendance, there’s silence in the arena. The public respects the fighters, who are engaged in a chess game.

Renzo Gracie sets the choke up on Akira Shoji. Not even the TV commentator understands the submission hold. Renzo is doing what would become known as an arm-in guillotine.

Shoji struggles, but, eventually, gets his head out of the trap and goes the distance. It’s the third match of an evening that would become one of the most historic ever: the debut of what many consider the best MMA organization ever – the now-defunct Pride FC.

Twenty years later, Renzo remembers all the details of how the frustration of not finishing the choke would help him refine one of his most lethal attacks.

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Back to business. So, this is the history behind the choke, but we don’t submit people with history, do we? Watch next the mechanics of the guillotine, and all the concepts behind it.

To wrap up this video series, Renzo does a walkthrough to give you a killer arm-in guillotine.

Ready to rumble? Hunt for a head in your next training session. And let us know how that goes.

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