Renzo Gracie on Rickson’s red belt: “I would not have accepted it”

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Royler and Rorion next to Rickson, the newest grandmaster of BJJ.

In a recent visit to Fox Sports Brasil, Renzo Gracie talked to reporter Mario Filho about his cousin Rickson Gracie’s graduation to red-belt by the hands of Rorion Gracie. “Rickson can and deserves to wear the belt of any color he might want,” he said. “He can. And deserves. But I, in his stead, would not have accepted it.” Renzo says he believes in the rule that states a practitioner must wear the black belt for the right amount of time before graduating.

At 50, weighing 80kg, Renzo went on to say that he’s waiting for a replacement for Matt Hughes (who had a car crash last month and just came out of the ensuing coma) in the ADCC superfight this September. “Soon after that,” he added, “I’m returning to MMA. Of course Scott Coker made me an offer, as did One FC, but I’m still under contract with the UFC. I can’t disclose where or against whom — even because I don’t know, — but after the ADCC I’m returning to MMA.”

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