Renato Babalu between lightness and darkness

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Babalu. Photo: publicity

Renato “Babalu” Sobral facs Dan Henderson on December 4 at Strikeforce in St. Louis. The Gracie Barra black belt is featured in GRACIEMAG 162, in bookstores and academies across the planet.

In the can’t-miss article by Deb Blyth, the fighter comments on a period of depression, when he was sidelined from the cages and rings for a year, a time where he was filled with doubts as to whether to carry on in his career.

“I have a dark side and a light side, like everybody. I’m honest about mine. When I get in the ring, I want to destroy my opponent,” he declares.

“Was I doing the right thing? Is it right or wrong to fight?” he would question himself.

Now the black belt is comfortable with his dark and light sides; a warning to Henderson, since as he says, Babalu will try to destroy him in the cage.

Now to find out how the fighter dealt with the dilemma that nearly pulled him from combat, get your copy of GRACIEMAG by clicking here.

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