Reflections after 20 years of Pride FC – shall we perfect BJJ together?

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Last week I had Gallerr at the gym to remember 20 years of the creation of Pride FC.

With an event of this magnitude, we end up retelling a bit of history, always with some nostalgia in the mix. It figures – after all, I literally left blood and sweat in those rings for a decade.

But, more than that, I made thousands of friends.

At the end of the day, however, in order to achieve the main goal – to improve in BJJ, – we must converge to a technical analysis that can be useful to you.


It was there, at Pride 1, that I found out that I was doing the guillotine wrong. If not wrong, at least less than efficiently. I corrected it right there in the locker room, in time to use it in my favor at Pride 2.

In the course “Renzo Gracie – Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” amidst the 225 videos, there is a chapter with my favorite positions. And, of course, we discuss the arm-in guillotine.

The guillotine is a perfect solution to the problem of, “What is the quickest, least exhausting way to end the fight?”

But, looking over the finished course, I noticed that the videos we dedicated to this subject did not have a sufficient level of detail. And so, despite the course being complete, I made a point of including a thorough analysis of the arm-in guillotine.

I show how we used to apply it, and why the old way cost me my win at Pride 1. I demonstrate the correct way, the incorrect way; I explain the concept and point out the angles so that you can also start finishing your opponents or sparring partners.

Before these adjustments, the arm-in guillotine didn’t get much love. Even in my celebrated win over Pat Miletich in 2006, the commentators didn’t believe in the move (8 years after the Kikuta fight).

To commemorate not only 20 years of Pride, but also the experience that made us contribute to the improvement of BJJ, I have authorized Gallerr to slash in half the price of the course.

We are now talking 228 videos, I think. But more than 225, no doubt. And all of that for just 30 dollars. That is less than 14 cents a video, and the full course delivers far more value than that.

The full course delivers the way in which I see BJJ. And I hope you like it.

But remember: this discount will expire at the end of this Friday. So hurry on down to Gallerr Academy and take advantage.

After you sign up and watch it all, be sure to send me an email telling me what you thought. Your suggestions may make me revise a chapter. And maybe help in the production of a new course.

Thank you.

— Renzo Gracie

P.S.: Become a part of my family and enroll in the course “Renzo Gracie – Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” until midnight on Friday, for less than 14 cents per video. It’s time to understand jiu-jitsu as a whole.

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