Practical guide to finishing from the back

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Controlling an opponent from their back is a position of supremacy, almost a checkmate. From there, there’s only one thing left to do: to finish! That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in week 6 at the Renzo Gracie Online Academy.

Igor Gracie demonstrates a true arsenal of locks and chokes so that you can tap people out from their back. Ezequiel, RNC, cross-collar choke, kata-gatame, clock choke, armbar and much more. Don’t miss out!

Week 6 of the Renzo Gracie Online Academy program is organized like this:

  • Eleven techniques of finishing from the back.
  • Koshi guruma: Often used in competitive BJJ, this takedown is also useful in self-defense.
  • Lifestyle: Bruno Fernandes advises you on how to overcome injuries.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Ezequiel from the back

When you control your opponent from their back and they try to block your rear naked choke, a good opportunity arises to shift to an ezequiel choke.

Lesson 2: Cross-collar choke

In the moment that you control your opponent’s back and they manage to get rid of one hook, watch out as you persist on the position with only the second hook, because that leg can get trapped in a half-guard. Watch the best way to act in this scenario and finish with the cross-collar choke.

Lesson 3: Armbar

When your opponent tries to defend against an attack from the back, they usually leave some body part vulnerable. In this video lesson, as he defends his neck, Leo Tunico exposes his arm to Igor Gracie.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 4: Adjustment details for the cross-collar choke

You are outside your opponent’s field of view, which is one of the main advantages of attacking from the back. So don’t expose your hand when you control their collar, because then they can see it and neutralize it. Understand how to become invisible.

Lesson 5: New adjustment details for the cross-collar choke

There are numerous little adjustments to make your attack from the back efficient — like how you position your head, which can result in your opponent having less space to defend in. Learn this and other valuable details.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 6: Armbar through the kimura control

If you want to become a good back-taker, you need to know how to easily transition between the seat belt control and the control with the kimura, the latter of which is recommended for those who like finishing via attacks on the arm. Igor Gracie will get you there.

Lesson 7: Clock choke

If your opponent tries to escape from your back control by getting on all fours, you can submit them with a classic move: the clock choke.

Lesson 8: Lifestyle (Avoiding injury)

Injuries can keep you away from the gym, drastically affecting your training consistency and progress as a fighter. So check out five key tips to avoid getting hurt in training.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 9: More adjustments for the cross-collar choke

Your opponent is too strong and uses both hands to block your squeezing of the choke from the back. Watch this video and learn how to move to open up new spaces and be able to use your own leg to break the blockade.

Lesson 10: A feint to sink the ezequiel choke

A great way to surprise your opponent when you attack them from the back is to feign the traditional cross-collar choke and then, when your opponent tries to foil that, to shift to an adjustment via ezequiel.

Day 5: Friday

Aula 11: Kata-gatame from the back

Igor Gracie usually takes advantage of the back control with the seat belt adjustments in order to quickly spin his body, ending up with the kata-gatame locked in place. Watch the walkthrough for this sensational coup.

Lesson 12: Rear naked choke

You must know how to finish your opponent via RNC. It is, after all, a back attack that requires no grips on collars or lapels — one you can employ in classical and no-gi BJJ as well as in self-defense scenarios. Check out what Igor Gracie has to teach about jiu-jitsu’s most emblematic move.

Lesson 13: Koshi guruma

The koshi guruma mechanic is often used in competitive BJJ, but you will also recognize it from numerous self-defense moves, like the punch-blocking technique where you counter-attack by throwing your opponent over your shoulder. Watch for a comprehensive walkthrough.

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Week 3: Side attacks

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Week 5: Back-takes

Week 6: Attacks from the back

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