Practical guide for armoring your back

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Week 7 of Renzo Gracie Online Academy offers you technical knowledge to defend against one of the worst situations in BJJ: being attacked from the back.

Yes, we mean that moment your opponent places the hooks with the legs, attaches themselves to your torso like a backpack and starts taking aim at your neck or joints.

If you get nervous just thinking about it, don’t miss the classes taught by Robson Gracie Jr., who teaches over ten different ways to escape from having your back controlled, blocking finish attempts and positioning yourself favorably.

After you study and absorb the mechanics taught by Robson Gracie, you will be qualified to armor your back against even the most skilled back-takers at your gym and in competitions.

Week 7 of Renzo Gracie Online Academy is organized in this manner:

  • Thirteen techniques of defense against back control.
  • Sumi Gaeshi: the mechanic of the “sacrifice technique” that has you initially going to the ground to only then find your opponent’s point of unbalancing.
  • Lifestyle: Bruno Fernandes will show you that age is relative in BJJ.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Renzo Gracie’s defense against back control

Being controlled from the back, Renzo walks you through blocking choke attempts and escaping safely, repositioning yourself to put your foe in your guard.

Lesson 2: Back defense trapping your opponent’s arms

When your opponent controls your back, you must not get terrified. Resort to cold blood and technical refinement, as in this subtle defense taught by Robson Gracie Jr.

Lesson 3: Back defense ending up on top

Learn an efficient way to escape from your opponent’s control over your back, ending up on top of them, in the guard or even on half-guard.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 4: Back defense moving to half-guard

Be careful as you try to escape from your opponent’s back control, because they might be able to anticipate what you’re doing, repositioning themselves on the mount. Check out how Robsinho Gracie prevents this.

Lesson 5: Back defense passing your opponent’s arm to the other side

The moment your opponent advances one hand to grab your collar may be a decisive one. See how Robsinho Gracie capitalizes on this.

Lesson 6: Back defense variation passing your opponent’s arm to the other side

Robsinho Gracie again uses the defense taught in the previous lesson. However, now, instead of ending up inside his opponent’s guard, Robsinho ends up on the bottom, playing guard. Understand why this happens, and add these two options to your game.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 7: Back defense for when your opponent controls your collar

If, during the back attack, your opponent manages to pass their arm flush with your neck and control the cross collar, there is a high risk of you getting subbed. Even so, there are ways to defend against the choke and escape.

Lesson 8: Back defense foiling the rear naked choke

Be careful as you try to defend against the cross-collar choke from the back, because, depending on the direction you try to take your opponent’s arm, you may leave your neck vulnerable to an RNC.

Lesson 9: Lifestyle / You will never be too old to train BJJ

“I’m too old to practice BJJ.” Bruno Fernandes destroys this kind of thinking — one of the most common excuses for not enrolling in a gym.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 10: Defend by moving your head in a circle

If your opponent uses their head to direct your body to the side that favors the choke, you can move your neck so as to circle their head, finding space to escape from the move.

Lesson 11: Escape by the “wrong side”

When you get attacked from the back, even if your opponent manages to control your cross collar and direct your body to the side that favors the choke, there is an efficient way for you to defend and escape.

Lesson 12: Freeing yourself from the seat belt

The back control known as the seat belt is very efficient, able to connect the attacker to their opponent’s back in a very tight way, like a backpack. But there are ways to escape.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 13: Freeing your head downward

In essence, when we get attacked from the back, what we need in order to escape is to open up space. As he pulls the arm that attacks his neck, Robson gets the space necessary to slip his head downward and reposition himself on half-guard.

Lesson 14: Last-ditch defense

Robson Gracie teaches the hardest of all his defensive options against chokes from the back. It’s a daring spin — one so unexpected, it may surprise many opponents.

Lesson 15: Sumi Gaeshi

The sumi gaeshi is known as a “sacrifice technique,” since the fighter performing it goes to the ground at first, and only then finds their opponent’s point of unbalancing. It’s a very daring move. And one of the most beautiful ones in this course.

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