Mission: open guard

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In another special week of Renzo Gracie Online Academy, Leo Tunico offers several tips for you to fight with the open guard, from both a defensive and an offensive standpoint, with multiple sweeps and one submission.

With firm grips, loose hips, lots of creativity and the entire repertoire of positions taught by Leonardo Tunico, you will be qualified to best even the strongest passers at your gym.

In your lifestyle lesson, catch a powerful motivational speech by judo champion Jimmy Pedro.

This week of Renzo Gracie Online Academy is organized as follows:

  • Five open guard techniques.
  • One lifestyle lesson.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Open guard concepts

Learn general notions of positioning and adjustments to safely fight with your guard open. Pay attention to how Tunico breaks his opponent’s posture with the hand on the collar, and also to the way he controls the distance with one foot propped on the passer’s hips, while his other leg makes circular motions to break eventual grips on his pants.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 2: Sweep from spider guard

One way to fight with the open guard, without losing control over your opponent’s movements, is by controlling both their sleeves, using your feet on their biceps. It’s what we call the spider guard. Leo Tunico reveals positioning details for you to accurately execute one of the most basic sweeps from the spider guard.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 3: Triangle from spider guard

Combine two or three attacks in a sequence — that is one of the secrets to making your spider guard truly efficient. In this lesson, Leo Tunico analyzes a common scenario. The guard player tries to sweep the passer, who momentarily gets unbalanced but does not fall. That does not mean the attack was useless, though. Tunico shows that in the middle of the movement, the passer made himself vulnerable to the triangle.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 4: Sweep from the sit-up guard

The adjustments of the sit-up guard require you to hug one of the passer’s legs and, if possible, control the sleeve on the opposite side. Pay attention to the stress Leo Tunico places on the need to break your opponent’s posture to be able to sweep them.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 4: Lifestyle / The art of challenging oneself

Jimmy Pedro says that nothing can stop us but ourselves. In this lesson, he instigates you to leave your comfort zone and strive to realize your dreams. A true push of confidence and positivity to help you pierce the blockade of fear and laziness and go get what’s yours.

Lesson 6: Variation on the sweep from sit-up guard

Tunico shows that when we play the sit-up guard, our opponent tends to use their knee to press our body against the ground. Knowing this, he adds an effective counter-move and ends up on top.

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