Perfect Jiu-Jitsu sweep for stallers, by André Pederneiras

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Andre Pederneiras ensina raspagem no Jiu Jitsu contra amarroes Foto Junior Samurai

Dedé Pederneiras teaches how to flip an opponent who's baring his weight down over your guard. Photo: Junior Samurai.

Widely regarded as the greatest Brazilian MMA coach, Jiu-Jitsu teacher André Pederneiras (Nova União) flew to the city of Fortaleza to tie up the final loose ends before the next Shooto event in the Northeast Brazilian city.

Coach to José Aldo, Vitor Shaolin and a plethora of other top-notch MMA stars, Pederneiras visited the local affiliate of his team, Nova União, where he taught a class to more than 50 practitioners studying under gym leader Guilherme Santos.


Speaking with Junior Samurai, a contributor, André Pederneiras shared a lesson for Jiu-Jitsu players who are sick and tired of stallers keeping them down. Remember: the key is to sit up and use your elbow; with a helpful nudge from your foot, you should flip that pesky staller without much effort at all.

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