On the birth anniversary of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie, remember historic images and learn his teachings

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Today we celebrate the 114th birth anniversary of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie. Carlos died in 1994, but his teachings live on through the children and grandchildren of both him and his brother. Creator of a dynasty, Carlos learned Count Koma’s Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and made that art into his life’s project. Enjoy a historic photo gallery and learn his teachings.

The twelve teachings that inspired Carlos Gracie.

Promise to yourself:

01 – To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

02 – To talk to all of happiness, health and prosperity.

03 – To give your friends the feeling that they have value.

04 – To look at things on their bright side and actualize your optimism into reality.

05 – To think only of the best, to work exclusively for the best, and to always hope for the best.

06 – To be so fair and enthusiastic regarding others’ success as your own.

07 – To forget the mistakes of the past and focus your energies on future conquests.

08 – To always keep your peers happy and to have a smile for all who address you.

09 – To employ the most time perfecting yourself, and no time criticizing others.

10 – To be too big to feel rattled, too noble to feel rage, too strong to feel fear, and too happy to feel slighted.

11 – To have a good opinion of yourself and share it with the world, but not through loud words, but rather through good work.

12 – To have the firm conviction that the world will be by your side as long as you stay loyal to what is best about you.

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