On Amazon week, remember Lyoto Machida at Jungle Fight

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Solimões River, in the Amazon River Bason / Publicity photo

What have you done to help save the Amazon Rainforest and its ecosystem? If all you’ve done is applaud the Jiu-Jitsu aces fighting at Jungle Fight, you haven’t done much.

Wednesday was official Amazon Day in Brazil, and the NGO Greenpeace mobilized netizens in an online movement calling for zero deforestation, #DesmatamentoZero. The movement continues, and you can help out on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social networking websites.

For the project to make it to the country’s congress, the petition needs 1.4 million signatures. To participate, click here.

For you who likes forests and seeing trees standing in their place, take a look back at the fight between Lyoto Machida and Stephan Bonnar at the first ever Jungle Fight, in 2003, smack dab in the middle of the jungle.


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