NY BJJ Pro champion Otavio Sousa ponders why more athletes don’t fight for money

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Otavio Sousa. Photo by Doug Kline/ D-Kline Design.com

Otavio Sousa. Photo by Doug Kline/ D-Kline Design.com

Three-time BJJ world champion Otavio Sousa added another title to his résumé last weekend as he beat the field of the New York BJJ Pro, an event held by the IBJJF that gives out cash prizes. The Gracie Barra black-belt emerged as the middleweight victor and pocketed 4,000 dollars. Soon afterwards, Sousa talked to Flograppling.com about the state of professional BJJ competitions:

“I love to compete – that’s my passion. But it’s always good to have some money. A lot of people complain jiu-jitsu – you don’t make money in tournaments. Like that’s a good opportunity for them to fight, and sometimes not many athletes register; I don’t know if they’re intimidated because it’s like approved and they think it’s gonna be only tough guys, so they decide not to compete. I think they’re missing a great opportunity.”

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