12 months of BJJ with Renzo Gracie!

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The best gift you can give your friends and family this December.

Now anybody on the planet can have access to the knowledge spread by one of the most prestigious BJJ schools — Renzo Gracie Academy, in New York.

How? Renzo Gracie Online Academy.

Through the most complete and modern online school, practitioners of all belts, regardless of their affiliation, can take advantage of daily lessons produced to improve and their performance and perfect their lifestyle.

Any BJJ student would love to be given unlimited access to the Renzo Gracie Online Academy for the entirety of 2018. Agreed?

Good news: Renzo and his team have just launched a special offer so that you can give someone a yearly RGOA membership. Read on for all the benefits.


In this month of Christmas, the Renzo Gracie Online Academy offers a discount of over 50% of the full price of the yearly membership.


Far more interesting than conventional presents, the RGOA course is a modern, sophisticated way to dive into the fountain of jiu-jitsu and evolve technically.


There are no distances, no shipping and no delays. The RGOA subscription is a gift in digital form. You give it at the time of purchase through an email address. A great option for strengthening ties with friends and family who live far away.

Make the right move!

If the recipient is addicted to the gentle art, there is not a shadow of a doubt that they will love to learn BJJ from Renzo Gracie.

You will not be forgotten!

As this is a year-long membership, every time your friend or relative visits the RGOA in 2018, they will remember you fondly.

Become a BJJ ambassador

The RGOA subscription is the perfect gift for passing on the values of the martial art you admire so much. Besides teaching combat techniques and giving advice for your students to enhance their lives, the Renzo Gracie Online Academy also acts as a coach — always there next to the user, motivating and helping them throughout their journey.

And don’t worry — the Renzo Gracie Online Academy is open to students of all teams and affiliations. It is a complementary system that will never replace real training.

So follow the steps laid out on this special Renzo Gracie Online Academy page in order to give a gift to the person you love. And happy holidays.

— Gallerr Team

The RGOA schedule:

Week 1: Attacks from closed guard

Week 2: Guard retention

Week 3: Side attacks

Week 4: Escape from side control

Week 5: Back-takes

Week 6: Attacks from the back

Week 7, 8, 9 …, 998, 999, 1000: Surprise! Each week a new topic.

Plus: Takedowns, Self-Defense, Lifestyle tips, Documentaries, Interviews, etc.

All of this for $4.79 a month in the yearly plan. Give the gift of access to the most complete and modern online BJJ school on the planet.

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