Montanha celebrates title and tribute in Miami

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Montanha teaches at GB Miami. Photos: publicity.

Along with black belts the likes of Pablo Popovitch, Rodrigo Cavaca, Renato Tavares, Roberto Cyborg, and others, Daniel “Montanha” de Lima was one of those paid tribute by the IBJJF at the 2010 Miami Open. Better still, the Gracie Barra Miami teacher won the absolute class of the master division, closing out with Rodrigo Clark, a double win for the GRACIEMA Association (GMA).

“I had a good match with Jared Weiner, a Lloyd Irvin athlete. I managed to get the takedown and pass guard twice, before finishing with a kimura lock. He had a really aggressive guard, but with patience, little by little I made it past, just like Master Carlos Gracie Jr. teaches! I then closed out the final with Rodrigo Clark, of Gracie Barra Santa Barbara,” he explains.

Training with Georges St. Pierre.

One of those honored at the event, in recognition of his work benefitting Jiu-Jitsu, to Montanha the party was complete.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized for by the International Federation and everyone at the gymnasium for the work we do. I feel that such attitudes will only make our sport even stronger. I’ve been here in Miami working hard teaching the Jiu-Jitsu I learned and this type of gesture by the Federation provides incentive for teachers to further there efforts in spreading the gentle art in Florida.”

Furthermore, the teacher was overjoyed with a student of his’ results in Miami.

“Manny Rorres, my brown belt, won his weight group and took runner-up in the absolute in the senior division. He’s 48 and dropped to senior 1 because there were no opponents for him in the senior 3 category. He was really happy about conquering something so important in our sport, after five years of training and lots of dedication!” he says in closing.

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