Ace from Bitetti Combat 13 Teaches Side-Control Escape, Submission

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Andrezinho Nogueira (left) in Bitetti Combat GP / Photo courtesy of Pingo de Souza/publicity

Andre Nogueira is one of the stars on the card for Bitetti Combat 13, an MMA event coming up Dec. 9 in Rio de Janeiro.

The night will culminate in two main attractions: the main event, unifying the featherweight and lightweight belts, and a flyweight Grand Prix. Nogueira, the lightweight champion, and Toninho Fúria, owner of the featherweight belt, will face off to fuse the two titles.

Nogueira made the most of his last name and worked on his standup at Rio-based Team Nogueira.

“I’d been training in Fortaleza but here in Rio there are better and more diverse sparring partners. There will be two Northeasterners fighting for the belt in Rio, so may the best man win,” said Nogueira, who taught the following side-control escape for readers.

In the flyweight tournament, Mateus Nicolau of team Nova União, and Reemam’s Abedi, BTT’s Pedro Nobre and Mangueira’s Eduardo Kiko will need to win two fights on the same night in order to win the divisional title.

Bitetti Combat 13
Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Rio, RJ
December 9, 2012

  • Andrezinho Nogueira vs Toninho Fúria
  • Pedro Silveira vs Sandro China
  • Tiago Pereira vs Cristiano Ferrugem
  • Pelézinho vs Diego Davella
  • Denison  Silva vs Jamilson Dadozinho
  • Pablo dos Santos vs Isak  Pimentel
  • Eliel dos Santos Topete Dourado vs André Minhoca

GP 57kg

  • Mateus Nicolau vs Abedi
  • Pedro Nobre vs  Eduardo Felipe Kiko

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