Mino working hard to fight at UFC Rio

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Anyone who reads GRACIEMAG is in on everything that goes on in the world of fighting. In issue 165 Rodrigo Minotauro addressed the injuries that have plagued him for years and explained all the work ahead of him if he is to return to his brilliant performances in the octagon. With his knee operated on, the black belt then went under the knife for his hip.

Now fully operated, Minotauro takes no rest and is hard at work. The month of his return, according to the fighter, should fill fans with expectations.

“The doctor is all over me to help me get ready for an August return. It hurts like hell but I feel I’m coming along well,” Mino tells GRACIEMAG.com, in the middle of one of his countless physiotherapy sessions.

An August return offers some clues. It is precisely the month when, on the 27th, UFC Rio will take place in Brazil.

“That’s what I’m thinking of, I really want to fight at that event. I’ll be fine by then,” says Minotauro in closing, without confirming whether any negotiations have been made – but nor did he deby the possibility of his seeing action at the HSBC Arena.

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