Meet MMA Studio Secrets and accelerate your goals as an academy owner

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Be an “Academy King” with the tips from Grow My Academy

In an integration project, aimed at improving the Jiu-Jitsu community, MMA Studio Secrets was created, a channel with tips, advice, and solutions for academy owners to improve their business, or for new academy owners to take their first steps with the certainty of great deals.

Based on five initial pillars to make your academy a success as a business, FAB5 is the ideal formula to reach students and bring them to your academy, while providing a faithful delivery to your proposal with several tips to keep your customers interested and happy with your product. The goal is to speed up the time it takes to grow and develop your academy.

Lance Trippet, a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, is the person behind the Grow My Academy project. With personalized and intimate content, with live tips for students, it fits like a glove for academies and is also useful for other similar markets in fight schools, gymnastics, and the like.

To have access to free content, with the five essential tips to leverage your academy, as well as several educational videos, testimonials from owners who obtained incredible results with the project, and other bonuses, click here and sign up!

Lance (white gi) after a training session.

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