Lessons from Canuto, the one who topped Benson Henderson in Pan 2013

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Jaime Canuto celebrates his victory over Ben Henderson, in Pan 2013. Photo: Erik Fontanez/ GracieMag

In the UFC, Benson Henderson had six fights and never lost. In MMA, the current lightweight champion has not known what a defeat means since 2010. In Jiu-Jitsu, however, Bendo found a worthy opponent last Sunday , in Pan IBJJF, in Irvine, Calif.

The ace from Arizona won his first two fights, but his rise was stopped in the third when Jaime Canuto (GFTeam) didn’t get intimidated by the star and imposed a ruthless 8-0, in a middleweight combat.

Excited about his deed, the student of the black belt Júio Cesar in Rio went ahead and defeated the UFC champion. Then it got difficult to maintain humility, but he also managed to tame it as well.

“It was a good match. To be honest, I haven’t planned any strategies for him. My training partners and Theodoro Canal and Victor Silverio told me to stay aware of his takedowns, a strength of Ben. And they told me to get into his guard all the time,” said Canuto, 27, in conversation with GRACIEMAG.

“I had no moments of calm in the fight with him, despite the score,” he praised. “I know he is very dangerous and has an infinite amont of energy. So I was very concentrated until time ran out,” said Jaime.

The middleweight champion commented about his training in Colorado, at Amal Easton’s gym:

“I was at Easton gym for a month and a half, training with my big brother Jake Mackenzie. I had five fights, one harder than the other. Although I hurt myself in the second fight, I think I fought a good championship. But I know I have to get better,” he said. “I took as a lesson the fact that I still need to improve a lot to get to my ultimate goal, which is the World Championship. To be honest, I haven’t stopped to think about this victory over Ben. I just know that I am very happy with my title and well focused for my next competition,” concluded the GFTeam ace.

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