Learn the x-guard sweep that Rafael Formiga used all the time at the Worlds Master

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Slide2-600x600Rafael Formiga had a great showing at the 2015 Worlds Master, this weekend, in Las Vegas.

He won the master 1 lightweight division and finished second at the open class.

The main weapon he used in all of his matches was a sweep from the x-guard.

We found this video where he explains how he does it.

Here’s the translation to his instructions in Portuguese:

“Playing the sit up guard, I control his belt and his arm. As I try to sweep using my hooks, he steps forward. So I change my grip from his arm to his heel. At the same time, I push him back and make him get up as I place one hook behind his knee and the other on his groin area. I put his other leg close to my shoulder. As he tries to take my hook out, I’ll push his hip back and slide the other hook down as I trip his leg and make him fall backwards. I follow his movement and come on top for the two points.”

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