Learn the monkey hold that got Nate Diaz to tap in Jiu-Jitsu

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Nate Diaz walking in to face Takanori Gomi at UFC 135 / UFC publicity photo

The 2012 Gracie Open took place last Saturday, August 4, in Pleasant Hill, California. In the event’s super fight, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz took on the black belt Oswaldo Queixinho, and came up short. Early on in the match the American pulled half-guard and tried to attack the Brazilian’s leg. Keen to Diaz’s intent, Queixinho defended and went on to catch Nate in a match-ending figure-four footlock.

“Truth is, I didn’t expect to finish so quickly. I expected it to last till the very end, since I’ve trained with Nate before and he’s always been tough. He has plenty of gas and never gets tired. I was just coming back from vacation in Brazil and only accepted because it was him,” said Queixinho, who trains with Caio Terra, who represents the same César Gracie team as Nate Diaz.

“I’d learned that footlock technique from Caio Terra and Samir Chantre, since it’s really common at our weight; I just think I surprised him with my counter-attack,” said the Brazilian now living in San Jose, California.

“The secret is to do a good job of defending before attacking. I always look to hide my foot before attacking,” he elaborated. “If you pay attention, I trap his opposing leg with my legs, and after that I set up my hold on his foot, first grabbing the tip of his foot in a “monkey” [thumbless] hold, and after that I wrap my arm around the leg. I get the tapout by pushing his toe to the side opposite the trapped leg,” he said in closing.

Check out the move in the video below:

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