Learn a double attack and always have a plan B in BJJ

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In order to always have your plan B in a fight, it’s necessary to first understand the concept of double attack. The double attack is one of the weapons that make BJJ so efficient. You start the position in accordance with what your opponent offers you. It is the opponent who decides how they will get subbed, given that, as they choose to defend against attack A, they offer you attack B.

World BJJ champion / UFC fighter Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes teaches a double attack starting from side control (inverted triangle plus kimura). From side control, change your position to the north–side attack. Use the hand to pull your opponent’s head into the triangle (plan A).

As they worry about the neck, the opponent leaves their arm uncovered, allowing you to sink the kimura, your plan B. Squeeze the triangle by joining you knees and bring the kimura arm to their scapula.

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