Kyra Gracie on Japanese TV

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In Brazil, Kyra has also featured on the "Altas Horas" television program. Photo: Publicity.

Strikingly beautiful submission savant Kyra Gracie is a sort of Jiu-Jitsu ambassador. The black belt often appears in the media, in its different segments, where she represents the gentle art and spreads the word on its benefits to a number of different demographics.

And her role as spokeswoman isn’t confined to Brazil. This week, Kyra flew to Japan and, after a forty-eight-hour trip, didn’t lose her poise during the exhausting television shoot for a local program.

Some images were captured behind the scenes by the fighter’s sister and posted on her Twitter account, @kyragracie.

“My sister managed to record a bit of the show from backstage. Did you like it?” she asked.

Check out Kyra on Japanese TV:

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