Kléber Buiu teaches a double attack from the kata-gatame at GB Parque Olímpico

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An experienced teacher and competitor, GMI Kléber Buiu, leader of Gracie Barra Parque Olímpico, has some refined versions of classic BJJ moves up his sleeve. In a recent visit to his gym, our team recorded an exclusive lesson that can be a valuable addition to your finishing options.

Buiu showed his favorite way of finishing from the kata-gatame. After teaching the details necessary to safely conclude the choke, he showed an alternative where he attacks the arm, thus dealing with that sort of opponent that just won’t tap from the choke.

Translated transcript:

“I’m here to show you guys two positions starting from the kata-gatame. In reality, it’s a kata-gatame that gives you the option to go on the arm and at the same time capture the neck.

“Once I arrive here, I have to ensure that my shoulder is on the same height of his chin and that this hand here is quite flush on his armpit. Because this way I’ll ensure with this control that my shoulder doesn’t get [0:40] past his chin. Because then I’ll keep this pressure on his jugular — that pressure that is necessary for my kata-gatame to have the adjustment.

“So when I start causing this pressure here, he right away starts bothering me here. So anytime I attempt to use this pressure, I have to deal with this arm [0:58] here. So, in order for me to not have to contend with his arm, to keep taking his arm off and seeing it get back here, I like making this grip here. So I open his arm, and here he can no longer return. So I manage to put my forehead on the ground. Once I put my forehead on the ground, it does not come off, because whenever it comes off, he gets this space here to fight me again. So this isn’t my goal — for him to resume fighting me. Once I’ve gotten here [1:31] and done my grip, I open here, keep my shoulder right here on the chin, I’ve put my forehead on the ground, and now I can reach here with my hand, mount…

“Now [1:48] I keep my forehead here and I can make the grip here. I really like keeping this [?] with the knee on the belly and working with my hip high, because here I can distribute the pressure here on his neck and shoulder.

“But [2:07] most of the time, the guy will grip hand to hand here, so there’s a hand fighting me again. So, in order not to fight him here again, I’ll get my hand way over on his wrist and bring it toward my head. So it turned out that I employed a lock where I have pressure between the neck and the arm. Keeping this adjustment here, I’ll apply it here. I’ve finished on the kata-gatame, and at the same time capturing the arm.”

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