José Carlos Cocó’s armbar at the Rio Open

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“Cocó” explodes David Herrera’s defense. Carlos Arthur Jr.

The Rio Open, held April 7, had your usual abundance of good-looking submissions. One of them came from the hands of  José Carlos “Cocó,” a GFTeam competitor who’s been terrorizing opponents worldwide of late.

Fighting in the roosterweight division, Cocó won two matches to claim the title. First he finished Paulo Pizziali (Nova União) on the arm. Then he faced David Herrera (Soul Fighters), who had also beaten Paulo in the three-fighter bracket.

It was a well-fought final, but one quick and daring move by Cocó brought it to a close: From the closed guard, he threw his leg in front of Herrera’s face and sank the armbar. The Soul Fighters representative struggled to defend, but Cocó managed to break his grip and stretch his arm.

Here it is:

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