José Aldo and André Pederneiras talk about doping: “I’m sticking to rice and beans!”

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Doping is a constant topic in MMA. Since the UFC partnered with the USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency), the number of tests has increased, as well as the number of athletes caught doping. In recent weeks, Jon Jones’s and Brock Lesnar’s doping were the most discussed subjects in martial arts. This week, José Aldo and his coach, André Pederneiras, gave a press conference and discussed doping.

They talked about contaminated supplements, Brazilians being pegged as drug users, and point to non-Brazilians in the UFC who are being caught doping. Dedé shows his dissatisfaction regarding how rigorous the tests are not just in MMA, but in sports in general, and Aldo states: “I’m sticking to rice and beans!” Check out the interview.

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