João Miyao’s incessant shifting vs. Alexis Barragan at the Chicago Open

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João Miyao foi campeão mundial sem o paletó em 2014. Foto: GRACIEMAG

João Miyao has some no-gi tricks up his non-sleeve. Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

Cícero Costha representative João Miyao continues to wow audiences with his loose BJJ game, whether in gi or no-gi. One example of this happened at the Chicago No-Gi Open early this month.

In the light featherweight final, João faced Alexis Barragan, whom he had beat in the gi earlier. But their no-gi match was tougher, with both athletes moving a lot. In the end João got the best of it as he imposed his strong game both on top and playing guard. Watch them go at it in this video.

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