Joao Faria of Gracie Del Mar shows students how to win MMA with Jiu-Jitsu

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Joao Johnny Faria wins his MMA fight. Photo: Personal Archive

Joao Johnny Faria had his MMA fight on Saturday, August 24 in Oceanside, CA. The Beatdown at the Beach event brought many Jiu-Jitsu supporters and practitioners into the crowd as the card held local BJJ stars. The 170 title fight, however, was between Johnny Faria and Manny Garcia, which ended before it could really start.

The black belt from GMA Gracie Del Mar immediately took down his opponent with a double-leg takedown, got into mount and a ground and pound ensued. In order to shy from the strikes, his opponent turned but gave Johnny a clear path to his back and a rear-naked choke ended the fight in the first round.

The fight ended well before the two-minute mark. Many of the Gracie Humatia supporters were present to give Johnny the loudest crowd.

See the fight here:

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