Jiu-Jitsu refs not eye to eye on Metamoris rules

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2011 Pan IBJJF Jiu Jitsu Championship

Referee Muzio de Angelis prepares to award points during Jiu-Jitsu Pan. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

On the coming 14th all Jiu-Jitsu eyes will be turned to the San Diego State University gymnasium, where the maiden Metamoris Pro event will take place. The idea behind Ralek Gracie’s brainchild is to see how some of the gentle art’s greatest competitors will hold up in 20-minute matches without points, advantage points or judges’ decisions. The only way to win is by getting the tapout.

Is this an enticing format for fans? Will it be good for the athletes? We’ll see come October 14 live over the internet, if we can’t make it to the venue.

But what might the other integral and important part of competition Jiu-Jitsu make of this novelty? We’re talking about the referees. GRACIEMAG.com endeavored to find out what some of the foremost arbiters of sport Jiu-Jitsu think about Metamoris Pro, and what we got was a mixed bag of different opinions.

“I feel that, since the match duration is 20 minutes, ten more than a normal match, technique will prevail and beat out force,” wagers Muzio de Angelis, one of the IBJJF’s most competent referees.

Now Augusto Tanquinho, an elite referee who is also 2011 world runner-up as a competitor, doesn’t see eye to eye with his counterpart.

“Honestly, I’m not big on the rules. If only submissions count, then to me there shouldn’t be a time limit at all. This 20 minutes business will only benefit the one trying to hold out for a draw, that is, to not tap out. Now seeing as there won’t be that many matches on the card, why not just do it without time limits, until the finish? That would be cooler to see,” says Tanquinho.

The two referees thus agreed to put matters to rest and do an exercise in predicting the outcome of each of the matches on the card:

Tanquinho em ação no Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Gustavo Aragão

Augusto Tanquinho in action in Rio de Janeiro / Photo by Gustavo Aragão


TANQUINHO: “It’s tough to say. Roger has never been tapped out. Nor does Bochecha, the current world absolute champion, ever tap out. At least I don’t remember anyone catching him. I call it a draw.”

MUZIO: “Bochecha’s a great fighter and has the heart of a lion. However, in a long match I’ll put my money on Roger Gracie.”


TANQUINHO: “I think Galvão gets the tapout. He’ll likely make it to better positions and, with time, he’ll come up with the submission.”

MUZIO: “I’ve never seen Ryron fight live, though I believe it’ll be an easy fight for André, one of the best competitors around at the moment.”


TANQUINHO: “Great to see. Kron’s a finisher and has what it takes to win it but Otavio’s the world champion. I think it’ll be one of the best matches of the night.”

MUZIO: “This is just the type of match Kron likes, as he never worries about points and goes for the submission the whole time. I think Kron takes it.


TANQUINHO: “Two excellent athletes on par with each other technically. I don’t think we’ll see a submission in this match—I call a draw.”

MUZIO: “Tough and well-matched fight. Either of them can win it. It could turn out to be a draw but I’ll bet on Kayron.”


TANQUINHO: “I think Caio Terra has more technical resources than Jeff Glover does, yet Jeff won their last encounter on points. Caio could get the finish or it could be a draw.”

MUZIO: “I know Jeff won the last time, at the Jiu-Jitsu Expo, but in a long match, I’d bet on Caio Terra. He’s very technical and dangerous.”


TANQUINHO: “I think Dean gets the tapout without too much ado.”

MUZIO: “To be honest, I don’t know anything about Kevin Casey [formerly fighting for the Strikeforce MMA promotion], but I do know Lister well. He’s a super-dangerous ADCC champion who’s even tapped out Rodolfo Vieira without the gi. My money’s on Dean Lister.”


TANQUINHO: “It should be a great match. I think Jean Jacques has a bit of an advantage because of everything he’s done at the ADCCs. But Nelson Monteiro has plenty of mileage and may surprise us.”

MUZIO: “Jean Jacques. I pick him because he’s one of the most technical guys I’ve ever seen fight.”

** What about you, loyal Jiu-Jitsu lover, who’ve you got winning at Metamoris Pro? What do you make of the rules? Place your bets now and reap the rewards later.

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