Jiu-Jitsu close to being declared cultural heritage in Rio de Janeiro

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The Legislative Assemble of Rio de Janeiro approved a project to declare Jiu-Jitsu part of the state’s intangible cultural heritage, according to the O Globo website.

The project authored by Republic Party congressman Edino Fonseca includes a reminder that the style was brought to Brazil by Japanese grandmaster Mitsuyo Maeda (Conde Koma), and passed on to Carlos Gracie in 1916, and subsequently the rest of the Gracie family, then established in Rio de Janeiro.

In a bulletin released this Friday, the deputy stated, also on OGlobo.com.br website, that “by showing he was capable of beating adversaries 20 and even 30 kg heavier, the Gracies gained international notoriety.

According to Unesco, Intangible Cultural Heritage is “practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques – along with the instruments, objects, artifacts and cultural places they are associated with – of the communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognized as part of their cultural heritage.”

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