IBJJF rules update: no more advantages in the 50/50 guard; see other itens altered

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Photo: Erin Herle

The 50/50 guard. Photo: Erin Herle

As it does regularly, the IBJJF has launched a new series of updates to the Jiu-Jitsu Rules Book.

This time, the most important alteration is the end of the advantages in the 50/50 guard.

From now on, the referee will not award athletes with advantages for nearly coming on top when tangled in the 50/50 guard.

The alteration once again aims to make the matches more fluid, making less interesting for athletes to stay in the 50/50 to try winning the match by advantages.

This new update adds to the one already in place that prevents athletes from staying in the double pull guard position for more than 20s at a time without coming on top.

Also in the new series of updates is the prohibition of the suplex takedown that lands the athlete on his/her head or neck.

The technique is still allowed, but the athlete will have to land on his side or back for the takedown to be valid.

jump to pull guard. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Jump to pull guard. Photo: Ivan Trindade

A third important update is the prohibition of the jump to put the opponent in closed guard in the white belt division.

This alteration aims to increase the safety of athletes with little experience in Jiu-Jitsu.

The jump to closed guard is still allowed in all other belt ranks.

All updates are effective today.

Click here to read the full set of updates and the updated rules book.


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