IBJJF Heavyweight GP, bursting with talent, completes its roster

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Marcus Buchecha and Leandro Lo may face each other.

Eight of the strongest fighters, 40,000 dollars on the line and three no-gi matches to get to the top of the podium. It is with this formula that the IBJJF is again hosting in Las Vegas its Heavyweight GP. It will take place Aug. 24 at Evexia Fit Fest.

Last week the federation confirmed João Gabriel Rocha to fill the last spot of the tourney that promises to be an explosive one from beginning to end, following a sudden-death format.

The first fighter confirmed, Marcus Buchecha, who is the biggest record holder in IBJJF World Championships, seeks to extend his reign over the BJJ world. A two-time ADCC world champion, he has plenty to offer in no-gi. Another fighter confirmed is the American Gordon Ryan. A heel hook master, Ryan paraded his technique under IBJJF rules at the 2018 No-Gi Pan, which he walked out of with double gold. He is currently recovering from an injury, which may stop him from competing, but his name remains on the list.

A two-time no-gi world champion, Lucas Hulk was the third name confirmed. Coming off some great performances in classical BJJ, Hulk has the potential to be a thorn in anyone’s side. Yuri Simões was next on the list. An ADCC world champion in the 88kg and 99kg divisions and no-gi world champion, Yuri has in his sharp takedown game a powerful weapon.

Leandro Lo was confirmed after that. Having triumphed in the biggest gi tournaments in the world, Lo counts two no-gi Brazilian titles among his accolades, and his unpredictable game means he can always spring a decisive surprise. Mahamed Aly was confirmed after that. An absolute European no-gi champion, Mahamed possesses classic judo takedowns in his arsenal, as well as a lot of precision in leg entries and a phenomenally strong guard-passing game.

Representing GFTeam, Patrick Gáudio was the seventh fighter summoned. Coming off a great showing at the IBJJF’s No-Gi Pan, Patrick is known for giving all he’s got until the last second. And finally, we have João Gabriel Rocha. The silver medalist of ADCC 2015’s absolute division is coming off the feat of beating Marcus Buchecha in a BJJ Stars superfight, and has been showing that his no-gi game is up to snuff in Kasai and other no-gi events.

IBJJF Heavyweight No-Gi GP
Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug. 24, 2019

Marcus Buchecha
Gordon Ryan
Lucas Hulk
Leandro Lo
Mahamed Aly
Yuri Simões
Patrick Gáudio
João Gabriel Rocha

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