How has Jiu-Jitsu changed your life? Find out who won

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Friendship, health, surpassing limits – synonyms for the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle, as proven by the promotion via Twitter. Photo: Ally Almeida.

How has Jiu-Jitsu changed your life? That’s what the champ @PabloPopovitch asked via Twitter, offering a year’s subscription to GRACIEMAG and a limited edition T-shirt for the two best answers and a six-month subscription to the best Jiu-Jitsu magazine on the planet to the third-, fourth- and fifth-place responses.

The big winner was Branden Hussey, otherwise known as @El_Bandido.

He tweeted: “3-limb amputee with muscular dystrophy. No longer in therapy due to BJJ. Flexibility great now. Got green belt Saturday.”

Second place went to João Souza, @JoaoStil:

“I always practiced sports, but after a car accident I lost the use of my foot, Jiu-Jitsu brought me back to life!”

In third, Leoni Munslow, @She_ra_leoni:

“JJ has given me the belief that I can achieve, learn, laugh, love and succeed with a team of friends by my side”.

In fourth, @dimebag4510:

“BJJ has taught me to believe in myself! Stand up for myself, and to walk through life with my head held high!”,

In fifth, Master Adilson Higa, who often features here on @AdilsonHigaDorv:

“JJ changed my life in 2009 when I sufferered a motorcycle accident and had my arm amputated. Now I have 11 titles in 11 tournaments.”

“The main idea of the promotion was to, in a creative way, make known how Jiu-Jitsu can truly change a person’s life,” remarked Popovitch, our GMA in Florida. “There were many emotion-filled messages. It was a lot of work but was worth it!”

Pablo will contact the winners via Twitter to award them. Congratulations to all who participated.

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