How do you defend the clock choke? MMA champion explains

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Andrezinho Nogueira / Photo: Junior Samurai/

Andrezinho Nogueira (Fighter Sport/MG Jiu-Jitsu) put in a stellar performance this past May 4 in Rio de Janeiro. The Jiu-Jitsu black belt went through and won the Bitetti Combat Rocinha GP with authority. Reminiscent of the early days of the UFC, young Nogueira won three fights on the same night in capturing the under-70 kg GP title.

Andre is also a handful when it comes to combat in the gi, and he’s all set to show it at the World Championship coming up late this May in California.

To put on a good show in Long Beach he’s training hard in the Northeastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza, where he sent in this demonstration of how to escape a clock choke exclusively for readers.

“The opponent thinks I’m going to get up, but I’m going to grab his leg and sit instead,” he teaches. What about you, how do you defend this notorious Jiu-Jitsu move?

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