How about a Gracie Diet Fruit Salad?

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Fruit is a cornerstone of the Gracie Diet. Marco Gracie Imperial, a grandson of the late Carlos Gracie’s, has been clued in to the diet ever since he was a kid. He stands by the golden rule that the right combination of foods, as determined by his grandfather after decades of study, purifies the blood and prevents illness.

To help spread the practice of proper nutrition, today brings you a recipe for fruit salad by Marco Gracie Imperial. Bon apetit!


Lima orange cut into pieces
Fresh fig, only the red part
D’anjour pear cut into pieces
Delicous apple cut into pieces
Skinless muscatel grape
Persimmon cut into pieces
Honey poured on top to taste

“As an accompaniment, have a watermelon juice and eat a tapioca crepe with white cheese filling,” Marco says in a post on his Facebook page.

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