He trains with Guy Ritchie, thinks like Tarantino

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Film maker Quentin Tarantino. Photo: publicity

“A true artist doesn’t go about his craft thinking about his body of work as a whole, the repercussions of his work. To do something great and genuine, he thinks only of what he’s working on now. And he goes deep, till the very end, not caring what the other people say because he’d die for what he believes in, for what he loves.”

The above quote could have been uttered by any great fighter, but it came from the mouth of director, screenplay writer, producer and actor Quentin Tarantino, 47, on the television program “Iconoclasts”. “I felt I could die to get ‘Pulp Fiction’ and “Reservoir Dogs” done, for example,” adds the American film maker.

The curious part is that Taratino’s ideas converge with the ideas of another award-winning artist who has shattered paradigms, Roger Gracie – a teacher who, as a matter of fact, teaches another cinematographer, English director (and hard-nosed brown belt) Guy Ritchie.

As GRACIEMAG readers learn in this month’s issue, Roger, 28, isn’t concerned about his career, the set of work as a whole, nor is he excited about having managed the unprecedented feat of winning a third absolute world championship last June. Roger, a fighter who endlessly pursues the truth in his battles, says there is still deeper to go.

That is perhaps the main lesson your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine has to offer you this month, besides the exclusive coverage of the historic World Championship 2010, with all the excitement from behind the scenes, at times hilarious, inspiring, and at other times instructive.

Roger Gracie at 2010 Worlds, in a photo by Ivan Trindade

What is it that makes Roger think in such a manner? What does the Gracie Barra teacher living in London have to teach about learning from defeat versus learning in training? What does Roger Gracie do differently in training?

In an exclusive interview brimming with questions from this year’s other world champions, Roger tells all like never before. Readers courageous enough to face what the Gracie puts forth will learn, when all is said and done, why Roger’s record is not outstanding just for him, or for the Gracie family, or for the world of sport Jiu-Jitsu. It is, at its base, a lesson for you, the reader, the common practitioner.

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