Having Trouble with the Kimura in MMA? Get Sorted Out with Diego Moraes and Pascal Krauss

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Anthony Pettis, Diego Moraes e Pascal Krauss após treino. Foto: Divulgação

Anthony Pettis, Diego Moraes and Pascal Krauss after MMA sparring (publicity photo)

The head of the grappling program at Roufusport MMA, Diego Moraes did a little demonstration of the some tricks to pulling off one of the most used MMA submissions, the Kimura lock.

With the help of Pascal Krauss, who will be facing Mike Stumpf in this Saturday’s UFC on FOX 6 event in Chicago, the leader of Team Moraes explained how to effectively defend and attack using the move in the following video produced by GRACIEMAG contributor Diego Canudo.

At 45 seconds in, check out how to fend off an attempt to sink the hold. The trick is to always control your opponent’s hips and arms without leaving an arm astray on the ground. The coach explains that the head should always be up against the opponent’s chest to stabilize control and prevent him from lifting his body up off the ground.

At 1:20, Moraes starts teaching the details to pulling the hold off from within the guard, as well as how to maneuver the foot on the ground to slip out the hip and get a better angle for torqueing on the enemy arm.

At 2:40, the Gracie Humaitá black belt conveys how to get the Kimura from side-control, stabilizing before passing the leg over the opponent’s head. Not that — after cracking open the defensive grip — you have to move your elbow past the opponent’s hip, effectively creating leverage.

To finish, Moraes demonstrates an array of different finishes for when the opponent defends against the Kimura.

Now it’s time to study and never get caught out again! How’d you like that? Share your thoughts with the other GRACIEMAG.com readers.


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