Guga returns home from trip and celebrates 2nd Rio Open title

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At this moment, Guga nearly sweeps, getting the winning advantage point. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

2009 Rio Open champion Luis “Guga” Gustavo of CheckMat had a repeat performance this season. Last Saturday at the Tijuca Tennis Club the blackbelt tapped four opponents to make it to the top of the winners’ podium.

“Thank God I managed the title, which in this case was my second year in a row. It all went well, I had trained well. I arrived from the United States two days before the event and I’m very pleased,” says the fighter joyously.

Guga causing Bruno problems from closed guard. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

“I was in the States with Lucas Leite and Marcelo Lapela, who helped me a lot in training. I taught class there, which was also a cool experience,” he adds.

The divisional final was against Bruno Alves, a Bráulio Estima student at Gracie Barra PE. Bruno, who submitted all his opponents leading up to the final, may be an unknown to some, but Guga knew very well what he was getting into.

“I fought Bruno in the final; he’s an excellent athlete. I’d never faced him before, but I’d already seen him in action. He’s aggressive, has a good guard, is a student of Bráulio in Recife. I fought him using strategy. I had the right game plan and thank God I won,” he says in closing.

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