GRACIEMAG Retrospective: the Top 5 Jiu-Jitsu Matches of 2012

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Rodolfo Vieira and Marcus Bochecha, the stars of the Jiu-Jitsu match of the year for 2012 / Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG

In 2012, Jiu-Jitsu shone bright on an array of different stages. From the UFC octagon to the high school gym, where it triumphantly led the battle against bullying, the gentle art was stellar the entire year.

But it was in the realm of competition that the techniques were honed, tested and approved, to the delight of the multitudes of the sport’s aficionados.

The superfighters fought valiantly from January to December—both men and women, making a best-of-the-year ranking for 2012 all the more complicated to produce.

After much deliberation and voting, with the commentary from our readership on Facebook as a barometer, our team painstakingly put together the following list of the five matches that made the biggest impact in 2012.

What do you say, gentle reader? Do you agree with the list? Send us your own list in the comments field below!

1 – Marcus Bochecha vs. Rodolfo Vieira – Worlds 2012 (absolute quarterfinals)

2 – Xande Ribeiro vs Roberto Tussa – Worlds 2012 (heavyweight semifinals)

3 – Roger Gracie vs Marcus Bochecha – Metamoris Pro 2012

4 – Roberto Satoshi  vs JT Torres – European Open 2012 (lightweight final)

5 – Rafael Mendes vs Rubens Cobrinha – Pan 2012 (featherweight final)

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  3. Michael Ocampo at 5:21 pm

    Bucheca vs Vieira or Bucheca vs Roger are being thrown around as the greatest BJJ matches of 2012. Call me crazy but Ryron vs Galvao at Metamoris was the quintessential match of, not just 2012, but current era Jiu Jitsu. It answered (and created) a lot questions regarding the current state of the art. So many topics touched. Street. Survival. Sport. Conditioning. Strength. Time limits. Submissions. Definition of offense. Defensive goals. Traditional Helio-lineage ideals. Modern sport-lineage ideals. THE FACT THAT IT ENDED IN A DRAW WAS THE MOST EYE-OPENING, TRUTH-TELLING, AND REFRESHING MOMENT OF THE WHOLE SCENARIO. No aspect of BJJ is the end-all/be-all.

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