GRACIE DIET: Replenish energy after workouts with a Brazilian Tapioca

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Tapioca with Chia, Cottage Cheese and Honey.

Tapioca with Chia, Cottage Cheese and Honey.

When dieting we often have the impression that to lose weight we will have to opt for the lack of flavor in our food. While it is true that some treats should stay off the diet for it to work, that thought is not a rule. There are many delights that can, and should be included on the menu. Have you tried Tapioca, for example?

Tapioca is a great option to replace the bread while dieting. This Brazilian treat is made only with cassava and water, while bread takes salt, sugar, hydrogenated fats and preservatives in its composition. Hypertensive patients should pay attention to sodium intake and thus tapioca becomes the best option. Other ingredient presented in bread is gluten. The allergic to this substance (celiac), can consume Tapioca without fear.

Tapioca can be a recovery snack for after physical activities because it is a source of carbohydrate with high glycemic index, which although dangerous for diabetics if consumed in large quantities, it is ideal to replenish energy after workouts.

The body needs a rapid absorption of glucose to regain lost energy after physical activities. However, be careful with the choice of fillings. Use fruits and vegetables to guarantee a better source of vitamins and minerals; yet if the idea is to reduce the glycemic index, it is better to fill it with protein sources instead. Add chia, flaxseed or oats to compensate for the lack of fiber, which helps to lower the glycemic index and enriches tapioca with omega 3.

Learn here how to make a Tapioca recipe with chia, cottage cheese and honey.


2 tablespoons tapioca flour (polvilho doce)

1 tablespoon of chia seed

2 tablespoons of cottage cheese

1 tablespoon of honey

Preparation: Hydrate the tapioca flour with water and mix it with the chia seeds, then place it in a hot skillet. Let it stick and turn. Add the cottage cheese, honey, then close and serve.

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