Gordon Ryan takes the win at Kasai Dallas; Rocha takes the crowd

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Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie NY) def. João Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters) via Points (1-0) – No Gi Heavyweight

It was a great night of 23 exciting matches at the opening of the Kasai Super Series in Dallas, with Gordon Ryan taking the win by one point due to a submission attempt during the second part of the match. The main event and the co-main event were both using modified rules — the first 10 minutes of the match were submission-only. In case there was no submission after a quick interval, the fight continues for another 5 minutes with modified Kasai rules, which grants one point to submission attempts. It was that point that earned Ryan the win. The first 10 minutes of the match had been a true game of guard pass, with failed attempts from both fighters to get an advantage spot. During the second part of the match, Ryan was able to sink a really nice heel hook, which Rocha was able to counter. After the match, Ryan commented that he “felt the heel pop a couple of times.” Rocha tried to pass the guard numerous times and get to a side mount, all the way up to the very last second of the match; however, Ryan’s guard proved ironclad. Ryan mentioned later that on a takedown attempt his knee “popped” and he had to fight the rest of the match with the injury, causing him not to be able to use the strength of the guard on his left side.

At the end of the match, João Rocha was visibly frustrated. Given the microphone, he asked his local crowd, “Who won this match?” to which the crowd acknowledged him in unison. The point, however, showed a different winner, and Gordon Ryan walked out with the trophy.

João Gabriel Rocha getting up after the match ended


Gordon Ryan’s heel hook attempt, which earned him the victory



Renato Canuto taps Marcio Andre with a devastating heel hook

The co-main event between many-time Kasai winner Renato Canuto and Marcio Andre was a different story. Canuto was able to sink in a tight and devastating heel hook that left Andre with no option but to tap, during the first 10 minutes of the match. Canuto adds another Kasai trophy to his collection and proves once again he is a force to be contended with in this stage.

Dante Leon (GF Team) def. Matheus Lutes (Marcelo Garcia) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – No Gi 175 LBS

It is pretty clear that the game of sport jiu-jitsu needs rules to make the matches speedier and more entertaining to a larger consumption crowd. Kasai’s modified rules have proven to make some matches that are great to be watched. On the flip side, it can cause some confusion, as it happened in the match between Dante Leon and Matheus Lutes — Leon received 4 points for taking the back, which left Lutes, who thought he was fighting 10-minute, submission-only, confused. While Lutes was trying to talk to the referees, Leon continued the match and was able to sink a deep rear naked choke which left Lutes with no option but to tap, albeit a little late.


Below, find the full results and a complete photo gallery.


Jorge Vasquez (Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) def. Ryan Benoit (Gracie Gym Texas) via Points (7-2) – No Gi 140 lbs..

Jessica Crane (Soul Fighters) def. Meghan Williams (Stout Training) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – No Gi 120 lbs..

Conrad Duran (Seeds 13) def. Dillon Hinojosa (Genesis) via Points (3-2) – No Gi 155 lbs.

Jeff Horn (AMBJJ) def. Leigh Macneil (RCJ MACHADO) via Points (18-0) – Gi 185 lbs.

Abdul Karem Al-Selwady (Soul Fighters) def. Dylan Kastelic (Mohler MMA) via Points (22-0) – No Gi 170 lbs.

Kecia Makenzie (Checkmat Texas) def. Nathalia Santoro (Renzo Gracie NY) via Submission (Armbar) – No Gi 135 lbs.

Cameron Adair (Checkmat Texas) def. Franklin Caballo (Renzo Gracie Houston) via Submission (Armbar) – No Gi 145 lbs.

Thomas Gentile def. Javier Zapata (AMBJJ) via Referee Decision (Unanimous) – No Gi Heavyweight

Diego Santana (Gracie Gym Texas) def. Jairo Bautista (Marcelo Garcia Dallas) via Submission (Toe Hold) – No Gi 170 lbs.

Dulces Flaco Flores Jr. (AMBJJ) def. Bobby Alexander (Travis Lutter BJJ) via Points (11-2) – No Gi 180 lbs.

David Hulsey (Soul Fighters) def. Benjamin Annunziato (Travis Lutter BJJ) via Submission (Heel Hook) – No Gi 165 lbs.

Alan Shebaro (Tier 1) def. Sebastian Black (Checkmat Texas) via Submission (Toe Hold) – Gi 230 lbs.

Camron Couch (Mohler MMA) def. Marcus Antelante (Soul Fightes) via Points (3-1) – No Gi 190 lbs.


Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) def. Vinny Saenz (Lovato) via Submission (Heel Hook) – No Gi 140 lbs.

Lucas Valente (Gracie Barra) def. Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa (Soul Fighters) via Referee Decision – Gi 175 lbs.

Alex Martins (Alex Martins) def. Mike Medrano (Mushin MMA) via Points (8-0) – No Gi 173 lbs.

Raquel Canuto (Checkmat International) def. Chelsah Lyons (Marcelo Garcia Dallas) via Points (5-1) – No Gi 145 lbs.

Bruno Bastos (Bruno Bastos) def. Tom Deblass (Renzo Gracie) via Points (3-1) – No Gi 240 lbs.

Aaron “Tex” Johnson (Unity) def. Ricardo “Demente” Abreu (Team Lead) via Points (1-0) – No Gi 220 lbs.

Andressa Cintra (Gracie Barra) def. Jessica Swanson (Soul Fighters) via Points (4-2) – Gi 150 lbs.

Dante Leon (GF Team) def. Matheus Lutes (Marcelo Garcia) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – No Gi 175 lbs.

Renato Canuto (Tio Chico BJJ) def. Marcio Andre (Nova União) via Submission (Heel Hook) – No Gi 170 lbs.

Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie NY) def. Joao Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters) via Points (1-0) – No Gi Heavyweight


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