GMA Serg BJJ/Team Marcio Cruz earns 11 medals with small army at Atlanta Open

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The Serg BJJ team representing at the 2013 IBJJF Atlanta Open. Photo: Personal Archive

The Serg BJJ / Team Marcio Cruz Savannah Academy traveled from Savannah, GA to the 2013 IBJJF Atlanta Open on Saturday, Aug. 31. The team was comprised of eighteen athletes and they brought home eleven medals.

Ultimately, their small group came in tenth place out of a total of 73 teams that were representing at the international championship.

The list of individual athletes:

WHITE / Adult / Male / Rooster Brandon Hunnicutt
WHITE / Adult / Male / Rooster Jakob Williams
WHITE / Adult / Male / Light Feather James Moseley
WHITE / Adult / Male / Feather Parker Sass
WHITE / Adult / Male / Middle Samuel Norton
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Feather Cody Keers
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Feather Josh Sipes
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Aaron Hines
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle Dag Gay
BLUE / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy Danny Hellmann
BLUE / Master / Male / Middle Trent Sikes
BLUE / Master / Male / Heavy James Owens
BLUE / Master / Male / Heavy JR Gay
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Heavy Austin Avera
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Heavy Dustin Waters
PURPLE / Master / Male / Feather John Rodgers
PURPLE / Senior 1 / Male / Middle Harry West
BROWN / Senior 1 / Male / Heavy Michael Sergi

In a facebook post addressed to his students, head instructor Michael Sergi said, “I’m proud of the way our guys competed and represented. I was very proud of the poise and confidence that each of you had in your matches. You not only represented well on the mats you represented well off of the mats. Your sportsmanship and respect for the other competitors/spectators deserves just as much attention. There were too many outstanding things that took place competitively for me to mention in this post. Know that your effort and attitude was judged way more than the results of your matches regardless of the outcome.

What must be addressed are the many thanks and words of appreciation for everyone involved. I appreciate the courage and commitment to the guys that competed this weekend. Each of you stepped up big. Without you we wouldn’t have achieved such a level of success. A big thank you to the team members that took the time to travel to Atlanta and support those competing. I want to mention all of your names, but there are too many to list. You guys are the best and your presence meant so much. Another big thank you to the family and friends that supported us back home. You play a big part of our success too. Another big thank you to Professor Marcio Cruz. Your guidance and words regarding your expectations for the team are motivating for all of us to set higher goals and accomplish bigger things.”

Congratulations to the Serg BJJ team, Michael Sergi and Professor Marcio Cruz in leading the team to their victories.

More information about Serg BJJ can be found at

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